Are You Visiting Minneapolis? A Small Guide on Things to do Here

Are you planning to visit Minneapolis? For an outsider this will look like secondary Chicago. You can get plenty of local foods, various outdoor scenes, different communities and the vibes of urban culture of Middle America.

Where to visit?

If you prefer a lot of action then visit northeastern part near the Mississippi river. By visiting the southern part, you can be near Broadway Street which is near the residential area. You can find plenty of bars and restaurants.

If you want something low key then visit south Minneapolis area. You will find big homes, boutiques and few wine bars.

For taking breakfast

You may visit “Victor’s 1959 Café” which is known for mango pancakes and other Cuban bread. If you are vegetarian then you can find plenty of gluten-free breakfast.

You can also prefer to visit “Bogart’s Doughnut Co.” which is not too far from lakes. You can eat special doughnuts. If you have your dog then bring your pet along, who too will get best treat.


You may visit midtown global market where there will be something available for almost everybody. You can get various cuisines like –

  • Middle Eastern falafel
  • Camel burgers
  • Latin favorites (tacos)

Twin Cities’ best tacos are available here which you can take along with coffee, beer, desserts and more. However, remember that finding parking place is very difficult.

You may also visit Pizza Luce where you can taste best pizza of the city. You can also taste vegetarian dishes with gluten-free options.


If you prefer sea food then visit “Sea Salt Eatery” where you can have your casual dinner. There is a separate line for drinks, foods and ice cream. So, before you stand on a line you must make sure.

Another place for dinner can be “Colita” where you can have drink of your choice and also have different kinds of deserts.

Where to go during late night?

You can visit “Pat’s Tap” during any hour of the day including late nights. You will be served with “elevated bar food” which will be the best way that is possible. Until 9 pm this place will be kid-friendly.

However, on the patio, it will be dog friendly during all hours. It is also famous as Packers bar, and during the football season, it will be filled with lots of football fans who are decked out in the green.

You will find on their menu almost all types of goodies. However, the spicy ketchup which accompanies cheese curds will take everyone to the next level.

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