Creative Activities for Teenagers in the Summer Break

When our kids grow and experience new things, we have to adapt accordingly and for most parents, the teenage years are the most difficult, for a number of reasons. Hormones are beginning to emerge and we naturally worry about what they are getting up to in their free time; if you and your partner both work, it can be next to impossible to monitor a teenager’s activities.

If you are dreading the summer school break, here are a few ideas to propose to your teenage kids.

  • Study Tours – These are innovative experiences where the kids learn while having fun; you can find student travel tours with a Google search and browse their wide range of summer activities. The experience could be called a ‘learning journey’, which might involve learning about the environment in a group setting; students group up and choose from a range of interesting projects, which is a great way to learn. Combine learning with sports and other extreme activities if your teenage son is the adventurous type.
  • Art Groups – If you’ve noticed that your son or daughter likes to paint or draw, why not enrol them in an art group? An art group isn’t really an art class, rather the kids explore their art preferences, while an artist leader offers guidance when needed. He or she can learn new drawing techniques and if portraits are the order of the day, there are models. This is perfect for a creative young person who wishes to explore their art talents and see where it leads. There would be a study tour in Australia specifically around art and a Google search is the easiest way to connect with out-of-school activity providers.
  • Mixed Martial Arts – If your teenage kids are into UFC, why not introduce them to a basic MMA course? A summer camp of 2 weeks would help them discover whether contact sports are appealing; the self-defence skills ensure that your child can protect themself should they be around violence, plus self-discipline is part of the training. There are many benefits and teenagers with a lot of pent-up energy can release it during the training sessions.

If he or she has an interest in music, for example, you could buy an instrument and let your child explore, or book a place on a basic music study tour. If you don’t think your son or daughter has an interest outside of their smartphone, introduce them to outdoor activities this summer and bring some nature into their life.

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