Rent a Boat vs Buy a Boat in Greece

Do you love to explore the water in the summer? A boat ride would surely be the best. However, should you rent a boat or buy it? Undoubtedly, those who can afford to buy and maintain a boat can buy it without a second thought, and others can easily rent one at the best price. Renting a boat right in Greece is a popular and easy alternative. If you have thoughts of purchasing a boat, you can re-consider your idea and go with just renting one.

Boating is famous in Greece during the summer. People go fishing and boating to spend their leisure time. If you are yet to decide whether to buy or rent a boat, here is some quick information. Now, if you are finding it difficult to find the right boat for rent, you can get in touch with In Clouds Sailing, a reputed yacht charter in Greece for advice and estimate. In Clouds Sailing has one of the largest fleets in Greece that includes Sun Odyssey 490, Oceanis 46.1, Jeanneau 53, Bavaria C45 and many other options.

Cost! Price! Rates!

Yes, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about purchasing a boat is the cost, which is sure to be high. Boats can be quite expensive depending on the type and model. Whether it is a sail yacht, motor boat, or catamaran, they are undoubtedly quite expensive to own and may not be for just any pocket. In a situation like that, renting a boat for a limited time use is the best alternative. Boat rent prices are comparatively lower and affordable. Importantly, you will have to pay only for the time when you use the boat without having to worry about regular maintenance fees.


You may not be aware of this, but yes, it’s true. Boats depreciate due to exposure to water, wind, and adverse weather conditions. They lose their value as time passes. The longer you own a boat, the more depreciation you add to it. Hence, when you think of reselling it, you are sure to receive a smaller amount than what you had invested. On the other hand, if you rent a boat for a sailing trip around Greece, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation issue at all. Since you would be using the boat for a short period of time, depreciation is not counted when you rent a boat.

Zero Maintenance

Purchasing a boat includes paying for various other things along with the actual price of the boat. When you own a boat, you need to spend on fuel and maintenance. Replacement of parts and other fixes can also be costly. Apart from the inspection and cleaning costs, you may also have to pay for the yard where you store the boat which is also not cheap. When you rent a boat, however, all of these issues are handled by the boat owner or rental service provider. All you have to do is simply pay for the period during which you use the boat.

In addition to this, when you rent a boat in Greece you have the flexibility of choosing a boat that fits your needs best at the moment. During the year, boats are used for around 7-8% of the time, and the rest of the time they remain idle just adding to your expenses. So, why buy a boat when you can simply charter one and enjoy the ride without any additional expense!

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