Road trip in Florida: Places to Visit

Florida is home to numerous lakes, long stretches of rivers, and several freshwater springs. Wherever you are in Florida, you’re just minutes away from a body of water. This state’s beauty is worth visiting even during this pandemic. Traveling by car is a wonderful idea, and if you’re looking for an oasis of peace, these are the best places to visit:

Fort Lauderdale

This charming city in Florida features seven miles of glistening shores, a powdery beachfront, and stunning sights. There are plenty of water activities to try, a perfect way to be outdoors while maintaining a safe distance. This is a great way to start your road trip as it is close to the International Airports in Hollywood and Miami. Make sure you’ve fueled up enough because this is just the start of a fascinating journey.

Marco Island

Your next stop is the largest among Florida’s 4,000 islands. It is home to luxurious resorts and many unspoiled parks. This is a perfect holiday getaway if you want to be able to enjoy while social distancing at the same time. If you want to minimize the need to scout for restaurants that expose yourself to more people, you can bring snacks and light meals with you.

St. Pete Clearwater

If you can feel outdoor fun calling you, this next destination will amaze you. It features a 35-mile long coastline, complete with boats and boards for captivating water activities. Here, you can go kayaking, paddleboarding, skimboarding, and more. The management encourages traveling in 10 or less, which is perfect if you come with loved ones. Masks should be worn at all times too. When lounging on the beachfront, every group has to draw a wide circle on the sand, as if marking their territory. This will signal other groups to respect your space and maintain distance. This way, the fun does not have to interfere with safety and vice versa.

Sand Key Park

If you desire pristine waters, you’ll love this next destination. It is home to some endangered sea turtles that frequently lay eggs on its sands. You also have the option to rent cabanas and bathhouses for a more relaxing experience. If you have children and older adults who need floaters, these are all covered for you. In this park, the entire family is sure to have fun!

Juno beach

Capping off your three-day road trip is a charming beach that would love to accommodate your furry friends. Juno Beach has vibrant blue waters and a beachfront that’s dog-friendly. What makes this destination extra special is that you can watch the sunset while fishing on its shores. This is undoubtedly a must-see beach if you yearn for peace and calm.

Traveling by road is a great way to reach ethereal destinations in Florida. Although this trip minimizes your exposure to random people, it will increase your car’s possibility of experiencing issues on the road. A towing West Palm Beach company should be available 24 hours daily to attend to you should you need help.


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