There Are A Lot Of Reasons Why Train Travel Is The Best

Compared to all the long-distance travel options out there, rail connect is one of the most underrated. It’s true that air travel can have its peaks and lows and that long car trips can go awry quickly. But train travel? Under most circumstances, it is stress-free. Of course, trains can’t get you everywhere, they can’t cross oceans, and many remote areas don’t have access to them. But they’re pretty great for traveling from city to city within a country or a continent. Below are reasons you should consider taking a train to your next destination.

  • It is budget-friendly

Not all trains tickets are cheap. But they are much more affordable than flying in general, especially short distances. In addition, many IRCTC railway services offer discounts that you don’t usually see airlines doing. As far as train prices are concerned, they can also be relatively stable, so you won’t need to monitor price trends as you would with airfare.

  • It does not require much patience

The shared experience of traveling by air involves waiting in long lines at the check-in, security, and boarding gate. Those lines can drive any innocent traveler to the brink of their sanity. Train travel eliminates those lines. Most railway services do not involve check-in, have self-service ticket kiosks, or use an online train ticket or e-tickets instead, and trains rarely have TSA (Transportation Security Administration)- style security. You might sometimes need to wait in line to board, but it should move quickly. Then, for the most part, you arrive and walk on to your train. And the best part of it is there is no traffic!

  • It is nostalgic and charming

The experience of riding trains is charming and old-fashioned. There’s a nostalgic appeal to train travel between the food, conductors, and the world passing by outside your window.

  • You’re free to move about

You are not stuck in your seat for endless amounts of time since there are no takeoff, landing, or seat belt signs. You can move about the train at your leisure. As someone else will drive, this means you can enjoy eating, drinking, naps, and getting up to stretch whenever you want. You also don’t need to turn off your electronics or listen to a flight attendant give the safety spiel.

  • Is comfortable

Unlike a bus ride, a train ride is smooth and turbulence-free, meaning your luggage or stomach won’t get jostled. The seats are usually roomy enough and are certainly roomier than the back seat of any car or an economy-class airplane seat.

  • One can carry a whole lot of luggage

Generally, trains aren’t picky about how much luggage you bring on, as long as you can handle it yourself.

  • It gives you a scenic experience

Traveling by train can be incredibly scenic. You can see cities, mountains, and rivers from a train seat. Train travel is an all-around better and gives you a more relaxing experience than its air and car counterparts. While those are mainly about getting from point A to point B, train travel is about the journey.

So why not plan your next travel by train by making your railway booking online and setting out on an experience like never before.

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