Things to Know Before Booking A Stay at the Casino Hotel

Casino tourism is trending, so stay and play hotels are popping all across the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular traveler or on a family trip or are a first-time tourist. Casino hotels are luxury accommodations attached or owned by a gaming house featuring central locations, offering lots of entertainment opportunities and are less expensive. It does not matter if you don’t desire to gamble there are certain things or reasons to stay at casino hotels.

Tightest security

Travelers are concerned about security on foreign turfs. You can have access to tightest security at the casino hotels in comparison to any other accommodations. The majority of casino facilities hires private security as well as has police presence to protect their gaming licenses. A slight suspicion of questionable activity or anyone acting abusively will be handled stringently. Guests can feel safe staying but remember cameras are watching your actions everywhere you go. So never do anything stupid, when you stay there!

Staying in a casino hotel sounds exciting

Stay and play hotel deals are an attraction because they double their entertainment services. Most of the casinos boast trendy restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters and even resort amenities like swimming pools and water parks. Travelers feel why not simplify transport by staying onsite! Gambling can be a huge factor in attraction also!

Fabulous locations

Top casinos are positioned at fabulous locations like near breathtaking natural landscapes. Travelers who look to stay at a central location will find a casino hotel a great option. For example at Angel of The Winds Casino Resort offers Vegas-style fun experience in Arlington, Washington. It is near the landmarks like Biringer Farm and Garden Treasure. Visit their website to see how many amenities they offer and even gaming opportunities, how you can forget dining and wining menu options.


Tipping policy differs from one country to another. If you travel to Australia, then tips are not expected because the total bill includes every service charge. In the US, tipping is customary. You need to tip the dealers, hotel valets, housekeeping, cocktail waitresses, etc. It is because all these staffs get minimum wages. They make living mostly on the tip’s guests give them.

It is a standard to leave $1 as per drink or 12 to 15% on the restaurant bill. If you used the hotel valet, then a normal tip is $2 to $5 because the handled your car. It means you need to remember every staff that served you during your stay, so appreciate their services with a small, generous tip.

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