Which Holy Sites to Visit in Guwahati?

Located at the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, Guwahati reflects the rich cultural beauty of North East India. This Assamese city brings together tradition, heritage and nature in a perfect blend. Guwahati is also dotted with a number of ancient Hindu temples. One can enjoy unique festivals like Ambubachi Mela and soak in the wonderful celebrations by the locals.

There are plenty of New Delhi to Guwahati flights operating throughout the day. Before you book one, have a look at the most celebrated worship spots in the city.

1.     Kamakhya Temple

This is located 8 kms west of Guwahati, on the Nilanchal Hill. It is a revered shrine of Shakti and reflects feminine energy through Goddess Kamakhya. The temple is of great religious and historical importance and is one of the 51 peeths of the country. The tantrik sect of Hinduism preserves the temple and regards it as extremely auspicious. There are no idols here and the “matra yoni” is covered with flowers and silk sarees.

2.     Umananda Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Umananda, along with 10 other presiding deities. It is located on Bhasmakuta Hill in the Peacock Island of Brahmaputra. The tranquility and divinity coupled with beautiful Assamese architecture make is a popular attraction among tourists. Particularly during Shiv Ratri, one can enjoy an unparalleled experience here. This place attracts nature lovers too, for the gorgeous surroundings, and history buffs, for a number of stones of archaeological importance.

3.     Ugratara Devalaya

Established in 1725 by Siva Sangha, this religious place is dedicated to Goddess Sati. You can plan a same day visit after deboarding your flights between New Delhi to Guwahati to witness the temple and the adjacent Jol Pukhuri. What makes the temple interesting is that there are no idols present here either. Instead a small water ditch, believed to be shaped like the Goddess, is worshipped. Particularly during Durga Puja and Kali Puja, goats are sacrificed, and meat and alcohol is offered to the Devi.

4.     Lankeshwar Temple

Lankeshwar is an avatar of Lord Shiva, who was worshipped here by Ravana, the king of Lanka.  This is how the temple derived its name. This spot holds enormous religious significance and devotees climb more than 450 steps to reach the main shrine. One can enjoy calm and peaceful sights, once they are on top. During Maha Shiv Ratri, there are grand aartis and celebrations, where both locals and tourists enjoy equally. After reaching the city via New Delhi to Guwahati flights, do visit this beautiful temple for a memorable spiritual experience.

5.     Tirupati Balaji Temple

Here, Delhiites are likely to feel at home, since one of the Tirupatis are located in the national capital too. Devotees pray to Lord Ganesha, Balaji and Garuda here. The gorgeous South Indian architecture, along with the overall construction, is definitely a sight to behold. Tourists can savor delicious prasad and meditate in the park located nearby.

The serenity of the temples attracts millions of tourists to Guwahati every year. You will go back home with a refreshed mind and spirit, on your flight from Guwahati to New Delhi.

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